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How To Make Bubble Tea At Home | 9 Healthy Boba Tea Recipes

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How To Make Bubble Tea At Home | 9 Healthy Boba Tea Recipes

Make Bubble Tea At Home | 9 Healthy Boba Tea Recipes

We are going to make a healthy bubble tea recipe. So bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan and it consists of sweetened tea or some kind of milk. The best part in my opinion is these chewy tapioca pearls.

If you can’t find the pearls at your local grocery store or if you don’t love them you can still make these drinks. They’re perfect for the summer they’re incredibly refreshing. So we’re going to be making four flavors.

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So we’re going to start with preparing the tapioca pearls first. We bought ours from our local Asian supermarket. It beats making it yourself at home which can be a lot of work. Each of the drinks that we’re going to be making today serves two people altogether.

How To Make Bubble Tea Pearls?

So we’re going to start with cooking about half of a cup of pearls according to the package instructions. Which for us meant cooking it in boiling water for about six minutes.

While that’s cooking away we’re gonna make a simple syrup and you can do this in two ways.

Bubble Tea Recipes
Healthy Bubble Tea Recipes

The first is to add two tablespoons of brown sugar and two tablespoons of boiling water to a bowl. Then whisk it so that all the sugar dissolves. When the pearls are cooked we’re gonna drain them and rinse them under cold water. This helps to stop the cooking process and then we can add it to the jar with the syrup.

Give it all a stir the syrup actually helps to keep the pearls from sticking together. So healthy boba tea is quite sweet that’s how it’s supposed to be. The benefit of making it yourself at home is that you get to decide how sweet you’d like yours to be. So ours are actually much less sweet than what you would normally.

The second way to sweeten the pearls is just to add the drained and rinsed pearls to a bowl. Then you can add some maple or agave syrup to it. Once you’ve stirred it through it’s ready to use it’s that simple. So now that we know how to make the pearls.

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9 Healthy Boba Tea Recipes

So, what I’ve done are made some healthier milk teas. So we cut down significantly on the sugar of the drink.

But you still have the boba balls there for texture and taste because come on. You just can’t do it without it. So, the moral of the story:

These are lighter, less-bad versions of boba tea. But still should be enjoyed “in moderation.” I’ve got 9 flavors to share, so let’s do this!

Avocado Matcha

I talked about the benefits of matcha, but most of you already know how good it is for our health.

If we combine it with avocado, our milk tea not only tastes better but is even creamier.

We will simply blend avocado, almond milk or milk of your choice, matcha powder, and honey or sweetener into a pleasant, creamy milk drink.

1½ CupsMilk
1 TbspMatcha
1 TbspHoney
1⁄3 CupCooked Boba
2 CupsYields
Ingredients Of Avocado Matcha

Is Boba Healthy? Yes of course it’s healthy. For the boba, simply boil the tapioca balls for about 3 minutes. I like to sweeten the water with stevia or monk fruit, so it gets a little absorbed into the tapioca balls.

Drain the balls, put them in the cup, pour the milk on top, and enjoy!

I connect all the cups, straws, and everything used in the description below. This drink is rich, creamy, refreshing, and packed with nutrients.

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Ube Milk

Let’s explore making different bubble tea flavors. we’ll be making an ube-flavored bubble tea recipe. So we’re gonna start with making a simple black tea.

Use about two tablespoons of loose-leaf tea or you could use a couple of tea bags. If you’d prefer I personally love the bergamot flavor that’s in earl grey tea. Feel free to use just regular black tea If you prefer. Then we’re going to pour over top of it about a cup of boiling water. Then let this sit to steep for about five minutes.

So ube is a purple yam and it has a very delicious distinct flavor. It’s very commonly used in desserts in Filipino cuisine.

So we actually just have this ube spread that we got from our local Asian supermarket. We’re going to scoop up about a quarter of a cup of the ube spread and we’re going to add it to a bowl.

Then we’re going to mix it together with a small splash of plant milk just to thin it out a little bit. Now we can already assemble our drinks. So we’re going to be using the maple syrup-sweetened pearls this time adding them to our cups.

Then we’re going to top it with the ube spread. We’re then going to pile high a bunch of ice and then we can pour our unsweetened plant milk over top of that.

We’re using soy milk here and then finally we’re going to pour the tea on top. The sweetness of ube paste can actually vary quite a bit from brand to brand. So consider adding a little bit less to start. You can always add more later if you’d like the taste to be more prominent.

If you’d like it to be sweeter and once you’re ready just give it all a swirl to combine the layers and you’re ready to enjoy it.

Mango Green Tea

I mix mango, milk, and steep and cold or iced green tea until smooth. That’s literally it, and that’s it assemble!

½ CupMango
½ CupMilk
1½ CupsIced Green Tea
1 TbspHoney
1⁄3 CupCooked Boba
2 CupsYields
Ingredients Of Mango Green Tea

I add the boba, the mango green tea milk, and the classic wide straw. Delicious! Mango and green tea are always one of my favorite combos, so fresh for a hot summer day!

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Thai Iced Tea

So this next bubble tea that we’re making is inspired by Thai iced teas. Thai iced teas are known for their vibrant orange color which comes from a food coloring that’s added to the tea. We’re not going to add any food coloring.

So, what we’re going to do instead is we’re going to add some rooibos tea leaves. The reason is this already has its own natural orange color. So in a saucepan, we’re gonna add a cup of water.

Thai Iced Tea Recipe
Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Then a tablespoon each of loose rooibos tea leaves and black tea leaves. You could use tea bags if you’d prefer and then we’re gonna add the spices which are two each of star anise and ice anise.

Two whole cloves and two cracked cardamom pods as well this is gonna give the tea a delicious flavor. Then once it starts to boil we’re gonna actually just remove it from the heat cover.

Let it sit for about an hour too steep. Once the tea is done steeping. We’re gonna place a sieve over top of the jar. Then we’re gonna strain the tea into the jar removing all of those leaves.

For the spices then we can add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and stir this through. Now we can start to assemble our drink. We’re going to add a little bit of optional sweetened condensed coconut milk to each cup.

This is also what makes it taste like it’s Thai-inspired. We’re going to scoop some of the brown sugar-coated pearls into each glass and fill the cups with plenty of ice.

We’ll follow this up with a cup of your favorite plant-based milk. We’re using barista oat milk here for its thick and creamy texture. Then finally we’re gonna pour the tea over top of it. This bubble tea recipe is so easy and also incredibly tasty the sweetened condensed coconut milk.

You can always add a little bit more. If you want it sweeter or you could leave it out altogether again it’s optional. I think of all the drinks this one might be my favorite yeah.

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PB and J

It’s so easy – I add strawberries, milk, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and sweetener, if necessary, in a blender.

¾ CupStrawberries
1½ CupMilk
1½ TbspPeanut Butter
Sweetener if necessary
1⁄3 CupCooked Boba
2 CupsYields
Ingredients Of PB and J

Using fresh strawberries reduces even more sugar than using real jam and gives me a fresher taste.

there’s my milk! Add it to my cooked tapioca balls and you have a delicious PBJ-flavored healthy boba tea! Don’t forget to be creative and use your favorite ingredients! If you’re a boba fan, I can give you a thumbs up.

Brown Sugar Matcha

For this next bubble tea recipe, we’ll be making this beautifully layered brown sugar matcha boba tea. We’ll start with sifting about two teaspoons of premium-grade matcha into a bowl.

Then we’re gonna add some hot but not boiling water over the top of it. Then we’re gonna whisk it until it starts to foam a little bit. Then we’re gonna add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the matcha. Then we’re going to whisk it one more time that’s pretty much all.

We have to do it now, we’re ready to assemble our drinks. So, in this case, we’re going to be using brown sugar pearls. Now we’re going to top those with plenty of ice. Before we pour the milk over top of it, we’re using some barista oat milk here.

Then finally we’ll pour over the matcha. So one little tip, if you want to keep your bubble tea in these beautiful distinct little layers, try to aim your matcha to hit the top of an ice cube.

That just helps to break its fall or you could pour it onto the back of a spoon hovering just on top of the milk. That should keep the layer separated matcha tastes quite earthy.

So coating the chewy pearls in brown sugar syrup balances the flavors nicely. if you’re someone who hasn’t warmed up to the idea of matcha yet I definitely recommend trying it iced. I feel like it mellows out the earthiness and makes it taste so fresh.

Coconut banana cream

I start with a banana – I used a frozen one to make the drink thicker, but a normal banana is also good for “milk”.

1Frozen Banana
2 TbspCoconut Cream
1 CaneCoconut Milk
1⁄3 CupCooked Boba
2 CupsYields
Ingredients Of Coconut Banana Cream

Then I add the coconut cream and coconut milk and blend until smooth and creamy.

If you use ripe bananas, I sure don’t think it needs any kind of sweetener. Coconut and banana together are so tropical that they are perfect for summer!

Strawberry Milk

For the final recipe, we’re making strawberry milk bubble tea. Traditionally bubble tea as the name would suggest has some kind of tea in it.

Sometimes when you go to the store and you buy the fruity variety they leave the tea out. That’s also what we’re going to do in this particular recipe. But if you do want to add some tea, of course, you’re always welcome.

To a saucepan, we’re going to add one and a half cups of frozen strawberries and a tablespoon of optional sugar. We’re then going to cook this on medium heat until the strawberries have thawed out a little bit.

Strawberry Milk Boba Tea Recipe
Strawberry Milk Boba Tea Recipe

Now if you prefer, you can leave this chunky just mash it a little bit with your spatula. What I like to do at this point is to use an immersion blender just to puree the berries. Once it’s pureed we’re going to set it aside to cool for a little bit while we prepare the milk.

So to a pitcher, I’m gonna add two-thirds of a cup of unsweetened oat milk and two tablespoons of vegan whipping cream, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. We’re gonna mix this all together. Whenever you’re ready to assemble the drinks we’re just gonna add some of the agave-sweetened pearls to our cups. This time we’re going to follow it up with some of that beautiful pink strawberry puree.

The ice goes in next filling it right to the top of the cup. Then we’re going to pour that creamy vanilla milk over top of it all. If you want to add some fresh strawberries as well for more fruitiness you can definitely do that too. The strawberries make this taste incredible.

It uses frozen berries. It’s a drink that you can make and enjoy all year round using whipping cream. It gives the milk a thicker and creamier texture. That pairs so well with the strawberries it even kind of makes it taste like it’s a milk protein shake.

Iced Coffee Boba

Mix together the coffee concentrate, milk—if you can find pecan milk, it’s a great compliment—and sweetener.

I use maple syrup and cinnamon. Blend it, and the iced coffee can go on top of the boba! It’s a great way to enjoy your summer iced coffee, with an upside.

¾ CupCoffee Concentrate
1 cupMilk
1 TbspMaple Syrup
⅛ TspCinnamon
1⁄3 CupCooked Boba
2 CupsYields
Ingredients Of Iced Coffee Boba

I hope you enjoyed these boba recipes! They were so much fun to make and enjoy, and I hope you enjoy them too. Remember, those tapioca balls are not very good fuel, could be worse, but not great,

so even though the milk here is much healthier and cleaner, it is important to consume it in moderation.


If you’ve never had it before, it’s also known as bubble tea and pearl milk tea, and it’s a Taiwanese tea-based drink.

It usually contains a tea base shaken with fruit or milk. Sometimes there is only milk and tea, and then there are chewy tapioca balls at the bottom. Sometimes it also contains fruit jelly.

I got a lot of requests for healthy boba tea, and I wanted healthy boba because the truth is that this substance is difficult to justify as a fuel.

In the beginning, therefore, tea is traditionally filled with sugar or sweet syrups. Some of these drinks can contain 500 calories or more with 30-60 grams of sugar!

Definitely a treat. Tapioca balls are also not ideal. Bean balls are made from the starch of the cassava root, which contains a lot of carbohydrates and is not particularly nutritious.

I couldn’t find a way to substitute the tapioca balls in the boba tea. Boba tea without boba is just plain milk tea.


How Long Can You Leave The Bubble Tea?

If all the ingredients used in your bubble tea are fresh (like all good bubble tea). you can store your bubble tea in the fridge for 24 hours and it will still taste great the next day.

Who Is The Target Audience For Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea rooms are increasingly appealing to office workers and the elderly. Also to their initial target demographic of students and schoolchildren. Some business results are evidence of this broader appeal.

What Makes Bubble Tea Unique?

An incredibly unique-looking drink, Bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe. It’s made by mixing a tea base with milk, fruit, and juices. Then adding the signature ‘bubbles’ – the delicate tapioca pearls at the bottom.

Can You Drink 2-Day Bubble Tea?

In general, bubble tea should not be refrigerated for more than 48 hours, but an extra day can’t hurt you. But, fresh milk tea should be served immediately after preparation for best results. You may be able to make a larger batch of milk tea if you drink milk tea frequently.

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