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Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe | Make Easy Teatime Snack In Just 5 Min

Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe and Make Easy Teatime Snack

Veg Cutlet Recipe

What? 2 biscuits How many times does this happen? That you feel like eating something good with a good cup of tea. Then that something good is already over, or you don’t have the time to cook it Right?

So let’s solve the problem today The tea is very good, so with it let’s make Vegetable cutlets Ahaa! So Hello welcome to Foodies Recipes Hut. Today with tea make some crispy Tandoori veg cutlets.

How To Make Crispy Veg Cutlets?

The plus point of this veg cutlet recipe is if you are one of the people Who take 10-15 minutes to make their tea. Then by the time your tea is prepared your cutlets recipe veg will also be ready that is the beauty.

Veg Cutlet Recipe
Veg Cutlet Recipe

The monopoly of the dish and no veg cutlet in the world is made without carrots and beans. You can also use Capsicum, Corn kernels, and Green peas.

If you’ll are saying that we can’t cut quickly as you say easily in this blog. Then you’ll grate the carrot.

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Process For Making Tandoori Curd Mixture

Now, you have to use 2 things one is curd, and are is a quick Tandoori masala. We will mix everything together. We can’t waste any time I am going to make it before the tea cools down.

Veg cutlet ingredients, In curd, put some black pepper powder, Some cardamom powder, this is optional Red Chili powder, coriander powder some asafoetida.

A pinch of cumin powder, lots of coriander powder, and very little cumin coriander give flavor. But the cumin spoils the color.

So more coriander and less cumin The ginger garlic paste has turned out. Well, Ginger garlic paste, then ginger garlic paste is very important Add lots of it. There you go Equal quantities of curd and water. Later after eating you will definitely say what a wonderful recipe.

I have kept 3 parts of water And added 2 parts of semolina to that raw semolina(rawa, SUJI), why? Because we are making a vegetable cutlet. And if you roast the semolina. Then it will puff up And you don’t want that. I want the veg cutlet to be thickened.

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If I had to sell this cutlet, I would have said Come let me show you a high protein veg cutlet without potato. Semolina has more than 10% protein. There are a few wheat varieties with 11-12.5 % of protein in their semolina.

So technically if it has more than 11% protein then you can sell it as a high-protein dish. So you can call it a vegetarian high-protein cutlet recipe veg.

There you go now the semolina’s job is to soak in the water now but the semolina does its duty like our duty is to cook.

So it does not matter how my mood is. It is my duty to cook for you, and do you know what’s your duty? Support me and give good ratings to my recipes. You can also try this healthy boba tea recipe at home.

Process For Tadka

No rocket science now to temper it. If you want you can use curry leaves and mustard seeds, but I am not going to do that. Because I have said Tandoori. So, we will make tandoori now. We can’t say tandoori and mix in the north and south and everything.

Ginger, Vegetables And this is a very good recipe for those mothers who keep looking for ways whose children don’t eat vegetables. To reduce the spice and increase the vegetables. Semolina is a very dangerous thing. Basically, you have to soak the semolina in curd and keep And temper it.

Put whatever tempering and vegetables you want your dish won’t fail that. I can guarantee to see till now I have not added anything because we are not in a rush.

Now, this part is very important roasting the semolina is very important Because the liquid in it will soften it. And that is going to give the dish its texture. If you rush and take the mixture off the flame And make it into veg cutlets.

Then you will start to make a soft veg cutlet recipe and end up with a tooth-breaking cutlet. You will say you dint tell us, I had told you the semolina needs time to soak up the water and soften. Cooking is the function of time and temperature.

Process For Frying

Now what to do Now you have to taste this and praise yourself and say good job Foodies Recipes Hut. Now you can either deep fry it or shallow fry it. If you want to deep fry it then Mix it with some wet bread or breadcrumbs.

If you want to shallow fry it then add in some cheese. If you add cheese to the mixture while deep frying then it will blast in the oil. So it will turn into a bomb in the oil.

The most important part of this is the texture look. It’s very important for it to be soft either it be of potato or semolina. If it’s not soft then it’s useless rest you know if you want to add less oil you can. I don’t shy away from oil eat less but eat well. Come on now it’s at room temperature. Now nicely mash it.

Process For Frying Vegetable Cutlets
Process For Frying Vegetable Cutlets

When you feel it is cool enough to handle then mash it once that way the flavors will be distributed. The texture will be even and it will become like dough. Now just add coriander. How long did it take, instant soaking roasting for 2-3 minutes and your mixture is ready.

You can keep this mixture in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. See it’s like dough Like how we knead the dough. Now you can directly deep fry it or coat it in breadcrumb and fry it. I have bread crumbs here I am thinking of stuffing cheese inside so I am making space Make a bowl basically.

In that then fill with cheese or chopped onion, or finely chopped vegetable. Or if you are in a rush then nothing is also fine. If I show cheese then let me show it properly. If you are a person who thinks about what to do last minute then fry this directly. So, my dear viewers evening recipe is ready, now you can try the Punjabi dal makhani recipe for dinner. Along with an evening snacks, make dinner wonderful too.

Process For Shapping And Garnishing The Vegetable Cutlets

One is this shape Now let’s make the shape. You can easily copy it that is simply round like a tikki. Fill in the cheese press it down And close it on top And press once again…there then press it well.

Here I have mixed some refined flour and water this thick in one add breadcrumb. This is optional if I add it like this also it will fry. It’s not like it won’t fry without it. I am only adding it for the texture.

Garnishing The Vegetable Cutlets
Garnishing The Vegetable Cutlets

Here I am using a Japanese breadcrumb, panko is a little thicker. These are bread shavings and not crumbs. It has a very nice texture and a very good mouthfeel and it looks also very puffy.

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If will look nice and taste nice, now if you want to shape it this is the time to shape it. If you do not want to fry it, it’s very simple don’t coat it with breadcrumbs.

Mix in some cheese and directly shallow fry it. If your mixture is 100 grams, then add 15 grams of grated cheese. Then you can easily shallow fry it.

So, our tea is ready to show you all a veg cutlet recipe, my tea got cold. So don’t let your tea get cold. Quickly make the vegetable cutlet. You can also try paneer cutlet which is a veg snack recipe. Thank you very much. Do try it.

Veg Cutlet

Veg Cutlet Recipe

Foodies Recipes Hut
Veg cutlet is a popular Indian snack made from a mixture of steamed vegetables and spices, shaped into patties, and deep fried till golden and crisp. Common ingredients include potatoes, carrots, green peas, corn, spices such as cumin, coriander, ginger, and breadcrumbs or flour to bind the mixture. The cutlets can be served with a dipping sauce or chutney and are a delicious appetizer or snack. So the time to cook it.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 People
Calories 165 kcal


  • 5 medium size Potatoes boiled & grated
  • 1 inch Ginger chopped
  • 2 Green chillies chopped
  • 1 tbsp Fresh coriander leaves chopped
  • 1 tbsp Fresh mint leaves chopped
  • cup Capsicum chopped
  • cup Corn kernels
  • cup Carrots chopped
  • cup French beans chopped
  • Green peas chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • semolina (suji)
  • 1 tsp Black pepper powder
  • 1 tbsp Red chilli powder
  • 1 tbsp Coriander powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin powder
  • 1 tsp Garam masala
  • 1 tsp Amchur powder
  • ½ tsp Kasuri methi
  • Black salt a pinch
  • ¼ tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • Refined flour slurry
  • cup Refined flour
  • Water as required
  • Black pepper powder a pinch
  • Crushed vermicelli
  • cup Refined flour/cornflour
  • Oil


  • For potato mixture, add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix, and combine well, while mixing if the mixture seems to become moist, you can adjust by adding more cornflour and semolina. Mix well.
  • Grease your palm with oil, take a spoonful of mixture, and roll like a ball while squeezing lightly so as to hold the shape, further roll between your palm to shape like a cylinder. You can also choose
  • To make a slurry, mix refined flour and water together until it's smooth and lumpy-free, add salt & black pepper powder to taste and mix well.
  • Now coat the shaped tikki in dry refined flour or cornflour, further dip in the refined flour slurry and coat well with crushed vermicelli, you can store them in a deep freezer for a week, for now, deep freeze for 5-10 minutes to set.
  • Once set for 5-10 minutes in the deep freezer, you can deep fry them in hot oil on medium-high heat until crisp and golden brown.
  • Vegetable cutlets are ready, serve them hot with ketchup, or any dip of your choice.
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What Are Vegetable Cutlets Made Of?

Veggie chops are popular in Indian cuisine and are made from vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peas, herbs, and spices. increase.

How To Thicken The Vegetable Cutlet Mixture?

Add 1 tablespoon of cornmeal if desired to help bind the curry mixture well.

Is Veg Cutlet Healthy?

Health Benefits of veg cutlet: Unlike potato he tikki, veggie bars are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Soy granules have a high protein content and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Soy granules increase bone density and aid digestion.

Are Tikki And Cutlet The Same Thing?

Also known as cutlets or scones, Aloo Tikkis are a combination of boiled potatoes and green peas, seasoned with green chilies and seasoned with coriander. Aloo tikkis are usually deep-fried or sometimes fried.

Are Vegetable Cutlet Good For Weight Gain?

Non-fried cutlets that are low in fat, chewy, and delicious. It has a high fiber content and is a healthy snack during meals.

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